Monday, 25 December 2017

Brigg Line Blog Saturday 23rd December

Here is the Brigg Line Blog for Saturday 23rd December.


The 0803 Sheffield Midland to Cleethorpes which then formed the 1114 Cleethorpes to Sheffield service had a Northern Rail driver inspector on-board the trip.

144005 at Worksop with the camera filming at the front

He was filming a section on the Brigg Line, sadly with only passenger trains on a Saturday it would be a logistical nightmare to train all the drivers to learn part of the route so a video is an easier way.

Passenger numbers were rather good for the time of year, Brigg Station saw people come far and wide due to the Christmas Farmers Market and at Kirton In Lindsey the services saw customers using the train for the first time, probably due to the new Kirton In Lindsey travel guide as published by the Community Rail Partnership and Stagecoach Lincolnshire buses.


Sadly the station was in a mess again on Saturday, a FOI request has gone into the British Transport Police for the yearly total of crime figures for the station, evidence was present of drinking and anti social behavior, as the 1330 train was ready to depart Brigg for Cleethorpes a group of 3 youths were on the Sheffield platform, 1 was swinging from the waiting shelter whilst the other 2 were playing a game of who could spit the furthest thus striking the train.

This was reported to the British Transport Police who attended.

Customer using the station were also treated to broken glass and dumped drink cans on the Station Road footpath, this was reported to North Lincolnshire Council 2 weeks ago and was reported again on Saturday as it was still present.

Ticket Machines

The new Northern ticket machines at Worksop station are still causing issues for customers with ticket been highlighted that are not relevant to the route of travel or the day of travel, i.e peak or off peak, this seems to be an isolated issue as the ticket machines at both First Trans Pennine Cleethorpes station and Virgin Trains East Coast Retford High Level Station show the right fares for the right time and route.


A rare event of the 1203 Sheffield to Cleethorpes via Brigg service using platform 1 at Cleethorpes on Saturday, this is normally allocated for TPE services but the Brigg Line service was allocated, this meant that passengers had the luxury of the waiting shelter which sadly platform 2/3 do not have.


In the winter months the sunrises and sunsets are wonderful to see, here are a few from Saturday taken from the Brigg Line Trains.

Brigg Line Blog 

On Behalf of Brigg Line Blog may we wish you a Happy Christmas and New Year.

According to the system we currently have between 750-1000 people read the Brigg Line Blog each week.

Thank you to everyone who reads about this unique line and we will see you all in 2018.

Sunday, 17 December 2017

Brigg Line Blog Saturday 16th December

Here is the Brigg Line Blog for Saturday 16th December.


Sadly on the early morning of Saturday 16th December the railway sidings where the Northern trains are stabled at Sheffield Midland Station were a victim of a graffiti attack, with a lack of units 142007 which had been attacked was sent out on the 0803 Sheffield to Cleethorpes Via Brigg, here it is seen at Gainsborough Central awaiting time before departing.


Network Rail via it contractors have refurbished the listed footbridge at the station, it has been done in old Great Central Railway colors and looks great, the rest of the station is also due to be refubished in due course.

2 new ticket machines have been placed on the Cleethorpes/Lincoln platform, there is at present a few teething issues with the tickets on offer with some over priced and some tickets been offered for a peak ticket on a non peak day.

The 2 new ticket machines were placed in front of 2 posterboards which were removed, they have now been put back on the platform wall further up the platform, one is the full timetable and one for the Community Rail Partnership including the Visit Brigg via train poster.

Kirton In Lindsey 

The new Kirton In Lindsey travel guide is working well again, on Saturday 3 new customers boarded the 0915 arrival to have a trip to Cleethorpes, once word gets around Kirton In Lindsey might be the surprised package.


A good day for Brigg passenger wise but sadly the platforms had not been gritted by the contractors, this was reported to the train operator via social media, we also await the contractors to give the footbridge a good sweep.

A new A3 Brigg Line timetable poster was placed on the Cleethorpes platform but in the wrong place, this has now been moved to the posterboard at the bottom of the footbridge so that customers using both platforms see this in its now prime location.

Station Road at Brigg is classed as unadopted, this means in winter its not gritted by North Lincolnshire Council, under the redevelopment consultation a request has gone in that this road is transfered over thus the road and footpath will be gritted.

On Saturday the conditions were challenging for customers coming to and from, and on the station 

Sunday, 10 December 2017

Brigg Line Blog Saturday 9th December

Here is the Brigg Line Blog for Saturday 9th December 2017

Unit Allocation

The normal unit allocation for the Brigg Line trains are the "Railbuses" that was built in the 1980's as a stop gap measure, on Saturday the Brigg Line was treated to the Class 158 trains which are normally seen on the Sheffield to Hull/Scarborough lines as many of the railbuses were doubled up for the Lincoln Christmas Market traffic.

Because the trains are heavier wheel traction is improved and you do not get the mass amount of slipping which leads to the delays during October to March that the Brigg Line suffers from, apart from a points failure at Barnetby on the first service the rest of the Brigg Line trains ran to time.


We were delighted to see that the noticeboard on Hewson House has been cleaned up by North Lincolnshire Council, this had been in an unacceptable state for the last few months but after this item was bough up at the latest Brigg Town Council meeting the board was cleaned, the railway timetables can be seen clearly now an give the right impression.

As word gets around the town that the people of Brigg have a railway station many customers use different methods of getting to their station, sadly whilst everyone awaits the redevelopment of the area which should include a bus turning circle customers also come to the station by Taxi as seen on Saturday when a lady traveled from Brigg to Gainsborough Central.

For the time of year Brigg station was very busy with people coming to and from the station, on the first arrival two first time customers alighted from the 0926 service from Sheffield, they had come to see the town and knew about the Garden Center after seeing one of the Brigg Town Business Partnerships posters that they could come here by train.

Kirton In Lindsey

The Kirton Travel Guides produced by the Community Rail Partnership and Stagecoach Lincolnshire Buses are working a treat, this and other forms of social media to promote going by train to places lead to 6 customers boarding the 0915 train, 2 of them were going to Grimsby and 4 of them were going to Meadowhall via Barnetby.

Northern Rail Guard helping the first time travelers who boarded at Kirton In Lindsey 

Retford Low Level 

As reported before Virgin Trains East Coast kindly made some new signage which has been placed next to the new information points at Retford Low Level to advise customers to press the blue button if they require help across the foot crossing, this worked on Saturday when 2 customers required this after arriving at Retford Low Level of a Brigg Line service and needed help to exit the station.


Two new ticket machines have been placed on the Lincoln/Cleethorpes platforms at Worksop station, sadly this has lead to two of the posterboards been removed, the community rail partnership will chase this up as at present there is no Brigg Line or railway timetable information available.


Sunday, 26 November 2017

Brigg Line & Pilning Station Blog Saturday 25th Novemeber

Here is a short Brigg Blog for Saturday 25th November which includes a personal trip to Pilning Station nr Bristol.

Service and Route

We have a saying on the Brigg Line, when things go wrong boy do they go wrong !

All 6 services were affected in some way with delay.

0803 Sheffield to Cleethorpes via Brigg, 16 late leaving Sheffield due to broken down train in Platform 1b at Sheffield Midland, 0803 unit comes out of the sidings so its route was blocked until the failed train was removed, the lateness of the train meant connections at Retford for London and Barnetby for Lincoln and Meadowhall/Sheffield were missed

1114 Cleethorpes to Sheffield 7 late between Brigg and Gainsborough Central due to poor track condtions

1203 Sheffield to Cleethorpes , train failure at Kiveton Bridge , service cancelled between Kiveton Park and Cleethorpes

1520 Cleethorpes to Sheffield, a Sheffield crew was sent up by Transpennine Express to Cleethorpes as a spare Barton unit (153) could be used to form this service, problems starting the unit was followed by points and signal failure around the station area, the train then left at 1643 (83 minutes late) but got further late around the Kirton In Lindsey area due to poor track conditions and clocked up a 93 minute late delay.

1601 Sheffield to Cleethorpes This train ran with an 11 minute delay between Retford and Cleethorpes but the details about this are unknown.

1832 Cleethorpes to Sheffield This train picked up a 15 minute delay between Habrough and Gainsborough Central, details unknown for this.

Retford Low Level 

Following a request to Virgin Trains East Coast, signs have now been placed next to the new information points on platform 3 & 4 to advise customers they have to press the information point if they require help across the foot crossing

Pilning Station

In the North West of the Bristol area is a station called Pilning, situated near the M49 and across from a brand new Sevenside Trading Estate the station is just like the Brigg Line in receiving a Saturday Only passenger service, the Pilning Station Group are very proactive and are putting forward the case for a Pilning Parkway Station, this idea has legs due to the locality of the huge trading estate and motorway connections.

Sadly in 2016 Network Rail took their footbridge down leaving them with only 1 working platform, at Gainsborough Central there is an ideal replacement that would with groundwork's would fit in nicely and high enough for the electrification scheme now taking place.

You can visit the group at Pilning Station Group and see about their Grand Slam Challenge

Some pictures from the visit are below, thanks to Olga & Gareth from the Pilning Station Group for an excellent time.

Old Footbridge

Information Point, something the Brigg Line could do with 

For the Future, Pilning Parkway 

Platform Closed Sign with Sevenside in the distance 

Site of footbridge 

Passengers await the 1334 train

Gainsborough Central Footbridge which would be ideal for Pilning 


Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Brigg Line Blog Saturday 18th November

Here is the Brigg Line Blog for Saturday 18th November

Service / Route & Pricing 

Saturday started out with stock issue shortages due to fuelling problems, the first train was borrowed from the Liverpool / Manchester area to form the 0803 Sheffield to Cleethorpes via Brigg / 1114 Cleethorpes to Sheffield via Brigg.

Merseyrail 142055 at Brigg with the Jolly Boys Outing passengers 

During the weekend the East Coast Mainline was shut between Newark and Grantham/Peterborough, this lead to a number of trains been diverted over Gainsborough Trent Junction where the Brigg Line and the Lincoln line diverges, below is a picture taken from 142055 of a Grand Central Train approaching the junction.

The Issues with mechanical/fuel problems affected the later services, the 1601 Sheffield to Cleethorpes via Brigg service 2H06 developed a engine fault and was terminated at Worksop, the 1520 Cleethorpes to Sheffield via Brigg service was turned around at Worksop so to form the service back to Cleethorpes.

Sadly all trains on Saturday suffered from some delay due to poor traction in the Hibaldstow area and the issue with leaves on the line, a statement from Network Rail about this issue can be found here
Leaves On The Line

Leaves On The Line at Brigg Station 

Kirton In Lindsey 

At Kirton In Lindsey a post was placed a few weeks ago on the towns community Facebook page about how you can travel to and from Meadowhall on a Saturday for £11.70 return for an adult using a ticket anomaly.

Details of all the destinations will be published after the New Year in the "Kirton First" community newsletter. 


Every so often a group of chaps from Brigg go on a " Jolly Boys Outing " somewhere, on Saturday they decided to go to Worksop, this boosted the passenger numbers up at Brigg with 44 using the station on Saturday.

The Brigg Town Business Partnership have designed some quality Christmas booklets for events in the town over this period.

These have been left on trains for customers to read with a large section heading to Worksop stations ticket office which is where a large proportion of visitors from the West come in by train.

More Visit Brigg by Train posters designed by the Brigg Town Business Partnership have gone up at Kirton In Lindsey, Sheffield Midland & Lincoln Central stations.

Platform 1b at Sheffield Midland Station
For the 9th week of asking the Noticeboard on Hewson House with its railway infomation still remains a mess inside with North Lincolnshire Council still refusing to hand over a key so that the wet and mold can be cleared up, it really is an embarrassment that no one can walk the 50 foot from the council building with a bit of soap and water.


Retford Model Railway 

On Saturday Brigg Line Blog and others attended the Model Railway Show at Retford Town Hall.

Not the biggest, for £4 admission it passed on an hour or so.


Next Saturday Brigg Line Blog will hopefully be going to see the lovely people at Plining Station near Bristol.

Like the Brigg Line, Pilning also has a " Saturday Only " service, however Network Rail removed their footbridge due to electrification works and have not replaced it, this has left them with only 1 working platform, as we have touched on before the controversial Gainsborough Central footbridge would be ideal for them.